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Fresh Church

Reaching Up, Reaching In, Reaching Out

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Latest News

November 2018

Like many of you we celebrated 100 years since the peace in 2018.  We have now added a 'remembrance space' to our building for the community to use to remember lost loved ones or to pay their respects at times of national mourning.  Thanks to everyone who joined our Peace Party after the service and time of dedication.

October 7th 2018

Notice to all members.  We will be holding our AGM on 7th October at 6:30 pm.  As usual we will begin with a fellowship tea at 6pm. 

August 2018

Apologies if you have been looking at this site to get diary information;it's been a busy year and, as we work towards starting up a new and better website, I have, unfortunaely, neglected this one.  However, its been a good year and it's been great to be able to see the communiuty come out to our events.  We were blessed with good weather for our baloon release and games event in May and also for our community BBQ in July.  Our litter pick at Easter was a bit chilly but we were soon warmed up with a pile of bacon butties.  We've had a baptism, a blessing and an honouring and we are looking forward to our 'bring and sing' harvest service in October and our special rememberance service in November.  

February 2017

Richard Cowling will be our visiting speaker on the morning of Sunday 18th February.  Please pray for Richard that he will be blessed as he brings God word to us. 

On the evening of the 18th we will be baptising Karen; pray that this will be a time of blessing for us all.


Firstly, thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make the Festive Fellowship a success - it went really well and all our visitors enjoyed it, especially Father Christmas who was very impressed with the children's singing.

We will be celebrating a Colourfull Christmas at our Carol Service on the 17th December (5:30pm) when the prizes for the colouring competition at St Thomas School will be given out.

On Christmas Eve we will be having Community Carol Singing outside the church on Coleridge Road (from 6pm).  We will be tempting passers by with mince pies and possibly some form of warming liquid refreshment.  It would be great to see you if you can join us.

Our Christmas Morning service will be at 10:30am.

November 2017

The packing party for the Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box appeal went well, we packed 53 boxes then the Children from St Thomas' brought a further 100 or so boxes to church which was great.

September 2017

We will be holiding our AGM on the evening of 8th October starting with a faith meal at 6pm.  Bring enough food for yourself and a little extra to share.  Everyone is welcome to come and see how we do things but please remember that non-members are not allowed to vote in the meeting.  

We will be holding our 'Bring and Sing Harvest Service' at 10:30am on 8th October.  Please bring tinned or dried foods for the local food bank.

July/August 2017

The holiday season is truly here...but it's not holiday time for everyone; Mary and Dave will be in Criccieth leading the beach mission for 2 weeks and Maisie will be 'Going Mad' as she makes a difference in Tanzanir.  We trust God will bless them as they bless others.  

Also in August, we are so pleased to say that a plaque is to be placed in the Hub Community Centre to commemorate the work of Ken Laming in the communuity  Ken sadly passed away in 2016 and it is fitting that the unveiling of this plaque will take place during a community event when, amonst other things, there will be an art competition.  Venue: Community Hub, Sholver Lane, 2pm

April 2017

Thanks to everyone who came to support the work of Gap Kenya.  Everyone was impressed by the work done by Gayle and Paul and, even more important, we had enough cake to go around.  All in all an excellent evening!

This Easter Sunday we will, once again, be sharing a bacon butty breakfast before the morning celebration begins at 10:30am.  We will serve bacon sandwiches from 10am (thanks to Karen for organising this) until either 10:20am, or until the food has gone - whichever comes first - so if you plan to eat with us - come early!

March 2017 

We are looking forward to Paul and Gayle Woods coming to talk about their ministry 'Gap Kenya' on 9th April.  If you are able to join us please do, this meeting is open to everyone who would like to know more abut this amazing work.  Check out the Gap Kenya site at

December 2016

What an amazing few weeks!  The 'Winter Warmer Quiz Night' in November was very well attended and enjoyed by all, as was our Fresh Festive Fellowship.  The 'Well Good News' Pop Up Nativity saw the whole congregation dressed in Nativity costumes and joining in our interactive carol service.  You may have seen the picture in the Chronicle because a photographer arrived as we were setting up and took photographs of a group of us.  We are truely blessed!  

May I wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas.

Sept/Oct 2016

A busy few weeks.  Our AGM will take place on the 16th of October - don't forget to bring enough food for yourself and a little to share in our faith meal before the meeting.

Saturday 1st October saw Pastor Terry and myself down at the community hub with our 'refreshemt for the sole' stand.  It is not seemly for Christians to wash people's feet nowadays so we do the next best thing and use a deoderiser to refresh people's shoes and trainers.  A good time with both the public and stall holders alike.

The Open Door Prayer meeting for Oldham will take place on 30th October at 6:30pm (at Fresh Church).  We will be praying for Katie Knight's work with Oldham Churches Connected.

August 2016

Worship is timeless, we have some wonderful song writers around today.  But we must not allow ourselves to forget the worshippers of the past.  We recently sang a medley of rousing songs/choruses which were mostly written in the late 1800's.  We sang the medley as an introduction to the word which was brought that morning.  It was amazing to see the effect it had on people!  The joy was palpable.  We laughed, we danced, we clapped and we continued to refer back to it in the following days.  I am still smiling as I write this.  I feel another medley coming on.......  

July 2016

The June BBQ went really well.  We put out the table and chairs and then the rains came, and came and came.  Plan 'B' (in case of rain) had always been to serve food inside the building so that's what we did.  And the peple came, and came and came.  It was amazing!  Standing room only!  Many thanks to Angela, Janet and Jean who prepared food and to everyone else who rolled up their sleeves and served the community in this way.

The Open Door Prayer meeting will take place on 24th July at 6:30pm (at Fresh Church).  We will be praying for church led socail action projects in Oldham and also about the plight our of homeless population.  If you would like prayer for your project let us know.

June 2016

We would like to invite you to a community BBQ which we are holding on Sunday 12th June at 1pm.  We will be on the grass behind the church unless it rains, in which case we will eat inside the building.  We are celebrating the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II and you are most welcome to join us.

May 2016

Did anyone see that thing flash by?  I think it was April!  We have been so blessed at Fresh Church over the last few months; we are seeing more and more new faces, we hosted the now quarterly Open Door Prayer Meeting for Oldham on the 24th April and we had a wonderful response to the Easter Social Media initiative with around 5,000 'reaches' over the 4 day period.  We also had a great time over Bacon Butties on Easter morning.  Thank you to everyone who supported these events.

Easter 2016

This Easter we are planning to use Facebook to spread the Christian Message in “real time” via Facebook.  Starting on Maundy Thursday evening, and running though to Good Friday afternoon we will post artwork created by Scott Erickson to depict events from Jesus’ life in the hours leading up to his death on the Cross. 

We are hoping that as many people as possible will follow the series of posts and will, in turn, re-post the images on their own Facebook page.  So, click the facebook link and get sharing.

March 2016

What a very busy couple of months.  So encrouaged that we have seen so many new faces over the past few weeks.  Tomorrow, (20th March) we are giving the church bulding a spring clean so bring your lunch, your rubber gloves and your buckets.  Looking forward to the Maundy Thursday Supper, Good Friday morning communion and Bacon Butties at our Easter Morning Celebration.

Also, Easter Saturday sees the launch of the 'Fresh Start Kids Club' 

January 2016

Happy New Year everyone!  If you, like so many others, are hoping that a new year can bring a new start, I just wanted to remind everyone that, with Jesus, the possibility o starting a new life is available all the year round.

Our Christmas services and the New Year Brunch were amazing - thanks to everyone who worked so hard to give us all a good time.

December 2015

Tomorrow (13th) is the Fresh Festive Fellowship Faith Feast (now that's what I call alliteration) so come ready for some fun!

Next week (20th at 5pm) is our carol service.  the photo shoot was a great success - we have lots of photos of Fresh Kids in costume and Terry is busy making a presentation out of them ready for the carol service.  Bring your family and friends.

Check out the link on the homepage - this is an excellent re-working of a John Lewis ad.

May I wish you all a very blessed Christmas!

November 2015

The Open Door Prayer Meeting for Oldham will take place on November 29th.  We will be praying for the work of ROC Oldham.

November is a busy month - on the 15th we will be doing Nativity Prep, so if you know how to make an outfit for a wise man using an old curtain, sticky tape and a safety pin come and join us!  We are making the Nativity costumes on this day because on the following Sunday we will be having a Nativity Photoshoot with Fresh Kids.  The photos will then be made into a presentation for our carol service in December.

September 2015

Our Havest service will take place on 27th September, 10:30am.  We will be collecting tins and dried foods for Oldham Food Bank.  The service will be followed by a faith lunch, you know the drill - bring enough for yourself plus a little extra to share.

Also, watch out for our new coffee mornings, 'Fresh Coffee' which will be starting on Thursday 1st October from 9am to 11am.  We are only able to have a coffee morning on every alternate Thursday so keep an eye on the window shutters, if they are open - so are we!

The Open Door Prayer Meeting for Oldham will take place, at Fresh Church, on 27th September at 6:30pm.  We will be linking with the National Prayer Weekend.

Another advance notice, our AGM will begin with a faith meal at 6pm on 4th October.  Church members please take note.

August 2015

Just a couple of notices, our Harvest Service will take place on 27th September and our AGM will take place on 4th October, - more details to follow....and then it will be Christmas!!!  How time flies.

Best Wishes to everyone on the team or visiting the Criccieth Beach Mission this month which is led by our very own Mary and Dave.  Hope you all have a blessed time.

July 2015

There will be no Open Door Prayer Meetings for Oldham during July and August but we will be meeting again on Sunday 27th September.  We are currently reviewing the Open Door Prayer Meetings.  God works in seasons and we are seeking His instruction for the future.  

June 2015

Fresh Church will be hosting Scripture Union for one of their 'Sticky Faith' events on Wednesday 17th June at 7pm.  The session will look at the research done by America's Fuller Youth Instifute into why so many American College Students fall away from their faith.  The meeting will focus on research conclusions and what implications these conclusions may have for our own young people as we seek to develop a faith that will last in our children.  To book a place at this event please book online at  For more information of the FYI research go to  The views expressed during this event may or may not reflect Fresh Church's position.

May 2015

The Open Door (Oldham) meeting will take place on Sunday 31st May at Fresh Church.  We will be praying for the work of the Salt Cellar Youth Project.

April 2015

We have had an amazing few weeks.  At the Open Door Prayer Meeting for Oldham on 29th March we saw the favour of God as, quite unexpectedly, we ended up praying in the Council Chamber at the QE Hall, it was an amazing time with God and the MJK event went very well also.  The next Open Door Prayer Meeting for Oldham will be on Sunday 26th April, 6.30pm at Fresh Church.

Our Easter meetings were a blessing and we somehow managed to share a meal of some kind at every meeting!  :-)

Fresh Church has recently seen a time of blessing at one of our eveing meetings. First we had prophetic confirmation in the morning, then an evening of ministering to each other in the Spirit. Clear and confirmed prophetic insights just flowed throughout the entire evening. Prayers answered, spirits refreshed in the Lord.

March 2015

The Open Door meeting for March will tke place on Sunday 29th March starting at the later time of 7pm.  This meeting will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Hall where MJK have arranged for us to have a separate room so that we can pray. 

As we pray, MJK will have their '' event.  The event will be an informal evening of music, entertainment, stories and an opportunity to learn more about the Christian faith.  It is hoped that people who have recieved leaflets over the last 6 month will attend the event and respond to the Gospel of Christ.  This event could turn into just another 'happy clappy get together' unless it is thoroughly soaked in prayer.

Please come and pray for this event, for those with the responsibility of preaching the gospel, for those who have recieved leaflets, for those who have boldly brought non-Christian friends and for everyone who attends.

Remeber 2 Chronicles 7:14 - If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

February 2015

The Open Door Prayer Meeting for Oldham will be held at Church of the Nazarene on York St Oldham at 6.30pm.

Check out our Gallery, there are pictures of the Baptism, our Christmas Festivities and our New Year Brunch.

January 2015

Happy New Year everyone!  This is a time for new beginnings!  The gyms are packed and all the diets have begun (though here at Fresh we would ask you to delay the diet a little as we are starting the year with our New Year Brunch on the 4th).  

You may have noticed the scripture from Proverbs 3 on our home page.  I chose this scripture bacause, despite our wish for everyone to have a 'happy' new year, the only real way to happiness and blessing is through honouring God and trusting in the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.  May 2015 be the year that we stop missing out on God's blessings.

The Open Door Prayer Meeting for Oldham is back on the 25th of January and we will be focusing on the fabulous work of Street Pastors. 

December 2014

Check out our calander for our 'Celebrate Christmas' events.  

We are also looking forward to joining  Carlos, Kevin and Nosa as they are baptised on the 13th December.  

There will be no Open Door Prayer Meeting for Oldham this month.  November's meeting was, again, amazing with around 9 Churches represented.  The next meeting is planned for 25th of January 15.  To go to the Open Door Prayer for Oldham Facebook Page click here or go to links

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a truly Joyous Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

November 2014

Thanks to eveyone who supported our Harvest 'Grattitude Sunday', there will be another opportunity to support the work of Narrowgate, and local people who may appreciate a little encouragement this Christmas, at our 'Bring and Sing' Carol Service on 21st December at 4pm.  Check out our diary for details of all our 'Celebrate Christmas' events.

The Open Door Prayer Meeting for Oldham in October was amazing.  Christians from around the town came together to pray for Oldham.  The next meeting will be on 30th November when we weill be focusing on the work of Groundbreakers in Oldham primary schools.

October 2014

We begin October with our harvest celebration, 'Gratitude Sunday', on the 5th at 10.30am.  We will have an opportunity to show our gratitude to God not only with our praise, tithes and offerings but also by making a non perishable food offering to Manchester City Mission's emergency night shelter 'Narrowgate'.  For more information about the work of Manchester City Mission go to 

Later the same day, at 6 pm, we will hold our AGM, as usual we will begin by sharing a meal together.

September 2014

I trust everyone had a good summer.  For those who are still planning their holiday I wish you a blessed and restful time.  Other than that can I remind everyone that we can now get cracking and finish the painting in the kitchen and hallway, if you are available on Thursday evenings please let us know.  

Also, check out our diary, the service on the 7th of September will take a different form. 

Aug 2014

The holiday season is upon us and we wave bon voyage to a number of our congregation as they go to lead or support the Criccieth Beach Mission for a couple of weeks.  Trust you guys will have a blessed time away.

On the 9th of this month we will be joining the Viking/Scarecrow event organised by Charisma.  Fresh Church will have a stall and we will be refeshing people's soles (yes I have spelt it correctly) so come along and say hello.  If you are available to help set up and close down let us know.

July 2014

We are currently doing an evangelism course called 'resonate'.  If you have missed the course you can buy the book on Amazon in both paperback and kindle.

Congratulations to Nosa and Michael who had their marriage blessed on Sunday 6th July.

Dedication Service 29th June 2014

What an amazing day!  Thanks to everyone who came along to support us as we dedicated our building to God.  Thanks to Roger Hindle who officially 'opened' the doors and to Angela and her team (especailly Rosemary) who catered.  Well done to everyone. 

Now......we need to get the store room tidied but our menfolk say things like "That's a good bit of wood that is, don't throw that away".   Suggestions please?

June 2014

Well, after months of sawing, hammering, sanding, painting and much more we are now nearly ready for our Dedication Service on 29th June.  I say nearly because the couriers who were supposed to deliver the panel blinds for our back drop have lost them!  Still, as we sometimes need to be reminded, church is not the building - church is the people in the building!  We expect to have a wonderful time as we acknowledge that this is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in our eyes!

Go to the gallery to see pictures of the building work.

March 2014

Where did February go!  We are in the process of finalising building regs and registering as a place of worship.  We start a five week course on Thursday 27th March - The Church in conflict.  Not that we are in conflict :-)  We will be looking at various things such as our own feelings about conflict, a model of Christian negotiation and what it means to be a disciple.  Check out our diary for more details.  Also, congratrulations to Mark and Heather on the birth of Charlotte Hope and also to Kevin and Becci who get married next month.

January 2014

What an amazing year 2013 has been.  God has blessed us in many ways.  We are now settling into our new building and beginning to consider how to adapt the building to our needs.  We also want to say welcome to everyone who has joined Fresh Church in the last few months.

December 2013

This year we are joining with Premier Radio's 'Feed the Hungry' event by collecting donations of non-perishable items wich will be distributed in partnership with local agencies.

Watch out for press releases and advetisments in the Chronicle.  If you would like to donate please go to the home page, click 'useful stuff' then click 'bring and sing' for a suggested donations list.

You are very welcome to join us at all our Christmas services.  

We are very pleased to say that we will be completing the purchase of the former Housing Office on Friday 20th Dec.  The carol service will still be held at the Youth Centre but we will have our Christmas morning service in our own building.

November 2013

What a busy couple of months.  It is now confirmed that Fresh Church will be taking over the former housing office on Coleridge Rd.  We are now waiting for the legalities to be finalised and, after 12 years or so, Fresh Church will have its own building.

September 2013

September is over.  How quickly the year is passing.  It was great this month to see another soul accept Jesus as their saviour.  

Eveyone is settling back into routine after the summer, Framework is now back up and running and we have introduced a weekly, internal prayer email.  If you have something you would like the church to pray about ask Dave to put it on the list.  For emergency prayer cover call Ken with your 'praying hands' request.

August 2013

August saw a number of people once again going off to Criccieth to the Scripture Union Beach Mission.  Over the years many of our congregation have been involved in the mission but this year it was led by our very own, long standing beach missioners Dave and Mary Butt.  Mary has been particularly busy this month as she is now in Tanzania with the charity SEED.

We also want to say well done to our students who have all done very well with their exams.

A number of our fellowship work with Manchester City Mission - check out their web site for news!

July 2013

21st July  Looking forward to the Focus on Biblical Meditation day.  Ken and Beryl are providing lunch in celebration of their 50th wedding annivarsary. 

14th July Fresh Church Community BBQ - what a great day!  The sun was shining and lots of people came and shared lunch with us.  Our thanks to Crayzee Castles for bringing your bouncy castle for us.  We served 168 protions of food and made freinds with lots of people in the local area.

13th July Charisma Scarecrow Festival.  Beautiful weather, lots of stalls, food, a bouncy castle and a 9 foot clown.  The winning scarecrows came from the children of Watersheddings School.

June 2013

Lots of interesting things happening in July, a Scarecrow Festival, a community BBQ and a day of teaching on Biblical Meditation.  Why not check out our diary for details?

May 2013 

The Salt Cellar Youth project are having their 2013 quiz in June.  The cost is £5 per entrant and supper is included.  Why not speak to Stuart about getting a team together.

April 2013

24th April  The introduction to Ken Laming's 'Steps into Heaven' course is now available as a download under useful stuff.  

If you would like to do the entire course, please contact so that we can email it to you.

STEPS’ is a journey through the basics of the Christian life.  It is intended as an introduction to discipleship and should eventually lead into deeper studies and experience.

Easter 2013

What a great Easter.  On Good Friday Terry spoke on Isiah 53:5 'He was pierced for our transgressions' and on Easter Sunday his text was taken from Romans 4:25 '(Jesus) was raised for our justificasion'.

The Maundy Thursday meal and the Good Friday faith lunch were enjoyed by all.  

Also, thank you to all our guests who choose to spend Easter at Fresh Church, I hope you were blessed, as we were.

March 2013

15th March  Look at our Diary page, the April preaching schedule is now available and you may find something to your advantage if you take a close look at the Easter meetings!

9th March  Check out our Facebook page.  Also, Fresh Church is now registered with Neighbourhood Prayer Network!

7th March  We now have a quotes page so if you say anything interesting it may end up on our quotes page!

Februrary 2013

Our web site is now under new administration.  A lot has happened in a year!  Fresh Church is going strong and continuing to be involved in the community.  You may have seen our gazebo at the local Scarecrow Festival or attended our community BBQ in September.  We again hosted the Guiness World Record attempt for carol singing at multiple venues  and had a great time.  We've shared Bacon Butties and Morning 'Brunch' services and  'litter picked' to make sholver a nicer place to be.  If you are ever in the Moorside area it would be great to meet you.

Monday 27th February 2012

Countdown to FRESH Church - 6 days to go!


Why not plan to come to our launch and meal on Sunday 4th March...

Saturday 18th February 2012

MHCC is to celebrate it's tenth anniversary in 2012 by renaming itself Fresh Church and launching 'Fresh Groups'. Sunday 3rd March will be a celebration Sunday as we adopt the new name. Fresh Groups launch tomorrow, Sunday 19th february. Ask an elder for more information.

Tuesday 4th October 2011

Sermon Companion website in use for downloading sermons. Looking at publishing sermons on iTunes as podcasts as well.

September 2011

Alpha & Youth Alpha Course underway.

Saturday 26th March '11

Tomorrow see's our first INTEGRATE service at Solver Integrated Youth Centre...


Young, not so young and those inbetween make sure you're there!

Sunday 6th March '11

After eight years happily worshipping at the Moorside Cricket and Bowling Club, today we bid farewell and look forward to moving to Sholver Integrated Youth Centre next week.


From Sunday 13th March we will meet at Sholver Youth Centre, Sholver Lane on Sholver, the website map will change after next Sunday's service. We look forward to seeing you there.


Framework_Web_LogoSunday 10th October 2010

Framework launched to church


Wednesday 6th October 2010

The new MHCC website - - goes live!

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