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Fresh Church

Reaching Up, Reaching In, Reaching Out


About us

FRESH Church (formerly known as Moorside Havest Community Church) is an INDEPENDENT EVANGELICAL CHURCH.  This simply means that we do not belong to any denomination or organisation and that we believe the Gospel message as taught in the Bible


We see ourselves as a community church. That is, we see our role as being part of the community for the Glory of God in Moorside.  


We come together under a "three dimensional" vision of church life.


That the church in Moorside should:

  • REACH UP to God - that is we should love God
  • REACH IN to each other - that is we should love each other
  • REACH OUT to the world - that is we should love our neighbour. 

Of course you don't have to live in Moorside to attend our church!  People come from all across Oldham and beyond to share fellowship with us. 


We range in age from tiny tots right up to those who have retired and most things in between.  If you decide to visit us on a Sunday morning, you will find a friendly family atmosphere.  


Our passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and our love for each other is reflected in the simplicity and informality of our meetings which are centred around the teaching of God's word.


If you have any questions about FRESH Church or would like prayer, please contact Pastor, Terry, or the elders.

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