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Fresh Church

Reaching Up, Reaching In, Reaching Out

So… why the change of name?

The name Moorside Harvest Community Church served us well for 10 years, even if it did seem to some as though it was put together by a committee (actually it was!).


For the first nine years we met in Moorside Cricket and Bowling club, but in Spring 2011 we moved venue to the Integrated Youth Centre on Sholver Lane. With the new venue came new ideas about the name of the church.


For some time we had been aware that there was a small denomination that went under the name “Harvest Community Church” and, with all due respect for that movement, we didn’t want to cause any confusion by appearing to belong to a church group if we didn’t.


Likewise, we had become concerned that calling ourselves MOORSIDE Harvest Community Church, could give the impression that we were only interested in people from the Moorside area.  This isn’t true.  The majority of our congregation travel from other parts of Oldham to be with us on Sunday mornings.  We remain committed to taking the Gospel to the Moorside community, but everyone is welcome!


On the positive side, we wanted a name that would be easy to remember and that would summarize the feel of our meetings.  The Apostle Paul looked to be refreshed by fellowship with other Christians (see Romans 15:32 for example) and our hope is that people will be spiritually refreshed when they attend our services. We think that the new name “Fresh Church” reflects that hope well.


We also embrace the new name as a challenge, something to live up to.


When people think of church meetings, the word “fresh” rarely comes to mind.  “Boring” perhaps, “stale” maybe, but “fresh”? - hardly!  And that is so sad because to be in the presence of the Living God is surely one of the most exciting things one can imagine.  Consequently our prayer and our aspiration is like that of the early church “that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:20).


For anyone who may need some reassurance, it must be noted that in most ways, “Fresh Church” is still the “old” church.   We haven’t joined a strange group or adopted peculiar beliefs or practices.  We are still the same people, we still read the same Bible and we are still worshiping the same God, who promises that “the meek shall obtain fresh joy in the Lord” (Isaiah 29:19).

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